Security Management

Our Security Risk Consultancy and other Security Advisory services enable those we represent to focus on meeting their business objectives, safe in the knowledge that they are supported by the strategies and people necessary for success.

All our Risk Consultancy and Advisory work is tailored to the specific requirements of our clients, informed by quality research and analysis and undertaken with integrity and discretion.

When assessing the risks and threats to our clients’ business interests, we focus on knowing what and where the risks and threats are and how they can be diminished.

Our services include:

  • Risk Management Consultation and Audit
  • Security Reviews
  • Threat Assessment Planning
  • Security Systems development
  • Risk Related Training
  • VCGLR /  DRGL / OLGR / ILGR / ALEC Compliance for Licensed Premises
  • Counter-Terrorism strategies
  • Reviews of BOCSAR figures

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