C.I.T. Cash Transport

In recent years the frequency of violent confrontations and armed hold-ups has increased dramatically. If you work in a cash or valuables handling situation, you may at some stage be at risk. It is important that you minimise your risk and your staff’s risk in the event of an armed hold-up. Why not actually transfer that risk to a responsible and capable security company?

Prime Protection offers a complete range of Cash management solutions that protect the valuables within your business and maximize the safety of your staff, customers and assets.

The service we provide includes:

  • Non-armored secure transport
  • Insured Cash Collection and delivery service
  • Change supply in notes and coins
  • Cash counting and processing
  • Customer Banking necessities

Prime Protection has appointed a highly responsible and capable ‘Cash & Valuables Transport Management Team’ to ensure the safety and security of all involved. Our team’s policy development and implementation skills, management assessments, training skills and experience are second to none. Whatever your requirements may be, Prime Protection has a service to match, and if not, we will develop it specifically for you.

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